Angle Grinder - 180mm

Angle Grinder - 180mm
Tool Hire - Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder - 180mm

Angle Grinder - 180mm


Angle Grinders are used for cutting and grinding steel and masonry. Hire angle grinders today or browse Allcott Hire's other tools and equipment for hire.

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Tool Hire - Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder - 115mm

Our angle grinders for hire are a lightweight option for cutting or grinding metal, tile, stucco and pavers. Our angle grinders can also sand, hone, polish, or even rout out mortar. Our high torque motors are perfect for any application, giving you enough grunt to get through even the hardest masonry. Allcott Hire prides itself on giving our customers the best quality tools and equipment to get any job done. Find your local Allcott Hire today to pick up equipment.

The real strength of the angle grinder comes from the versatility they present. With our angle grinders, you can pick up steel cutting wheels, high and low grit sanding wheels, diamond cutting wheels and more. However, our angle grinders can do more than just cut or grind. With wire brushes you can easily clean off caked on cement stuck to your shovels, remove flaking paint and more.

When you hire our angle grinders, you will have to be creative to come up with something that you can't do. Hire Angle Grinders today or browse Allcott Hire's other tools and equipment for hire. Contact Allcott Hire today for more information regarding tools and equipment hire today or general inquiries about the hiring process.

Tool Hire - Concrete Grinder

Concrete Grinder - Hand Held

Hand held concrete mower for hire. Used for leveling uneven surfaces, removing adhesives and cleaning concrete in small restricted areas. Browse Allcott Hire's other tools and equipment for hire.

Tool Hire - Concrete Floor Grinder

Concrete Grinder - Single Head

Walk behind concrete grinder for hire. Used for minor surface imperfections and surface cleaning. Rent equipment from Allcott Hire today or browse Allcott Hire's other tools and equipment for hire.

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