Inverter Generator Hire 3kva to 6 kva

Inverter Generator Hire 3kva to 6 kva
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Inverter Generator Hire 3kva to 6 kva

Inverter Generator Hire 3kva to 6 kva


Our Inverter generators for hire are a quiet, light weight alternative to a standard generator. These modern generators produce a clean sinusoidal AC current as opposed to the clunky square wave that a traditional generator current produces. This sinusoidal current is the same type of current that your appliances have been designed to use and will thus be better suited for them. In addition, this sinusoidal current means that this generator's output can be rectified into DC as well. This means that no matter what appliance you need to power, this inverter generator has got you covered.

Whilst an inverter generator does provide less power than a traditional generator, this can actually be an advantage. The high power of a traditional generator can actually overload sensitive equipment as it cannot be easily modulated to the required load. This is not a problem for the inverter generator which can adjust to deliver the perfect power for whatever load you need to supply. If the load is too big for one generator, this is no problem - you can easily connect two or more inverter generators together.

Another great benefit is that this modern technology is just more efficient. This generator hire choice is lighter, quieter and most importantly from a business perspective - more fuel efficient. You will get more electricity from the same can of fuel with this generator than from a traditional generator. can the type of current They are also capable of running sensitive equipment. For other generators browse Allcott Hire's other generator and power distribution equipment for hire.

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